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I help groups with common stress factors find a peaceful balance in their lives, so that they can thrive in a life they love.

I teach children how to empower and calm themselves, through movement and breath.  Children learn self-regulation, connection and focus skills by the regular practice of yoga and mindfulness. Plus, they have fun in a supportive, non-competitive safe space. 

In the workplace, I will identify the things that are causing stress and discomfort, and help to foster a better sense of comradery and efficiency.   

In the home, I help parents who shoulder many responsibilities recharge so that they can enjoy their families and be the kinds of parents they wish to be. 

The yoga I lead is both physical and mental, and is truly geared for every body.  The poses, or asana, are always cued to be connected to the breath, which can benefit anyone, no matter their mobility or fitness capability. 

Mission: Mission
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